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St Alkmund's Church
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St Alkmunds Church


St Alkmunds Church Congregation

Services and Worship


We are very sorry to announce that the service program below is suspended until further notice, because of Covid-19 virus restrictions

On Sundays we celebrate the Eucharist (Thanksgiving) at 1000, and on Thursdays at 1030.

Services are held at varying times on major days through the year such as Ash Wednesday and during Holy Week.

Our main worship is the Eucharist, also called Holy Comm or the Mass or the Lord's Supper. In this central act of Christian worship Christians remember Jesus' death on the Cross - his act of self-giving love to rescue us all from our personal selfishness and from the pride and all other tendencies which separate us from God and one another.

Remembering means literally a group of Christians in a congregation bringing into the present moment - where we are - the renewed sense of the love of Jesus Christ for all people shown in the shedding of his blood on the Cross. Christians use the words of Jesus at the Last Supper, which he shared with his friends the night before his crucifixion. Just as Our Lord took bread and said of it This is my Body - and a cup of wine, saying of it This is my Blood, so members of a congregation, wherever it is gathered, hear the priest say the same words over the bread and wine on the altar. The elements become by faith the Life - the Body and Blood or very Presence of Christ for the people there and then to strengthen them to live with him and in him and for him in the days to come. By feeding on him by faith, Christians pray that they may become more like Christ - more truthful, more concerned to promote peace and justice, more loving, forgiving and understanding of others' position and feelings.

Christians believe that they cannot be like Christ in their own strength; they must be nourished by his life, and that is done by sharing in the Eucharistic meal.

Weddings and Funerals. St Alkmund's is very popular as a place in which to be married. It is a light, spacious church, and there are no pillars to obscure the view of the proceedings! All that is necessary is that those wishing to be married in St Alkmund's either live in the parish, or have close family connections with the parish such as parents living in the parish, or that they themselves are worshippers in the church. Many couples have commented on the warm welcome they receive at St Alkmund's.

The church is available also for funerals.

Shropshire Army Cadet Force. Richard Hayes is Padre to Shropshire Army Cadet Force and St Alkmund's is the Cadets' church, their spiritual home. Shrewsbury stands more or less in the centre of the county of Shropshire, which is the largest inland county in England. It is useful to have a church at the centre to which cadets from the 21 detachments in towns and scattered rural parts of the county can come. A New Year Service is held on a Sunday in the second or third week of January to ask God's blessing on the excellent work done in the Cadet movement, by which young people gain self-confidence and social skills as well as having wonderful opportunities for adventure at minimal cost.


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