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Shropshire Spirituality Centre

St Alkmund’s - Spirituality Centre for Shropshire

Shropshire has a problem regarding access to a cathedral! The north of the county is in the Diocese of Lichfield and the south is in the Diocese of Hereford. This means that a town like Oswestry at the western edge of the Diocese of Lichfield is over 70 miles from its Cathedral church, and Church Stretton is about 60 miles from Hereford Cathedral. These great distances act as a disincentive to travel so far, at considerable expense both in terms of time and fuel. This is a loss, as much effort is made by the Cathedrals to provide spiritual nourishment for the people of the two Dioceses.

In the 1920s there was a move to create a Diocese in Shropshire with a Cathedral in Shrewsbury, but this was rejected by one vote in Parliament.

Shrewsbury stands more or less centrally in the county, and so, as the county town, is accessible both emotionally and actually, being not more than 35 miles from any point in the county.

St Alkmund’s stands at the heart of Shrewsbury, and so is accessible by train or ‘bus, or Park and Ride. A Town Centre church like St Alkmund’s can offer spiritual support that is available to anyone who wants to develop their life of prayer and knowledge and enjoyment of the Christian faith. Short courses lasting not more than a few weeks, or just a day or even an afternoon will be available for all comers.



I believe that

You have made me.

Moment by moment You sustain me in life.

All my joys – in family and friends – are

Your gift to me.


In sorrow and suffering You go with me.


In my wilful sins You do not abandon me,

and when I turn to seek You

‘Forgiven’ is Your word to me.


How shall I repay You, Beloved,

for all the benefits You give to me?



increase my faith.

Make me a beacon of hope to all I meet.

As You have loved me generously,

give me Your Spirit that I may give generously

of all that is mine –

my talents, my possessions, my time –

in Your service, to Your Glory,

that all Your people may find You

and together we may rejoice in Your love.


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