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St Alkmunds Poem

Celebrating the 1100th anniversary of its founding in 912

Northumbria’s usurper said:
“I wish my rival Alkmund dead”.
Dull of heart the men who sped
To Mercia, where the Prince had fled,
And killed him, watching as he bled.

Mercia’s protection had been lent
To this man of royal descent.
This outrage was a cause for war,
But Mercia’s ruler wisely saw
A less destructive course, and chose
To bring the matter to a close
By acting quietly, with restraint:
Prince Alkmund was declared a saint.

Eight hundred years on from the birth
Of Christ, the hope of Peace on earth,
This deed of hate and fear was wrought,
Bewildering those who, longing, sought
The love and peace His death had brought
Who, on the Cross, with evil fought,
And dying, triumphed over sin
Ushering love and mercy in.

Consider now a further hundred years,
Saxon versus Dane, blood shed, and tears,
Alfred victorious, many Danes baptised,
Christ’s gentle influence slowly realised,
The Mercian people by a woman led,
A daughter of King Alfred, Aethelfled.
Believing that she was of Alkmund’s line
This powerful lady wrought a bold design:
Building three churches on the western way 
From Gloucester to Chester, on which Shrewsbury lay.
Each bears the name of Alkmund, and each stands
To welcome pilgrims all with open hands,
And Shrewsbury’s St Alkmund’s, by God’s grace
For eleven hundred years has run the race.
In this our anniversary may we give  
Signs of the joy all have who with Christ live.

Richard Hayes
Resident Priest at St Alkmund’s, Shrewsbury



St Alkmunds Church


St Alkmunds Church Congregation



Fri Feb 14th   

For the Love of Darwin’ – Concert 7.30pm Pre concert drinks at 7.00pm

We are delighted to welcome the talented young musicians of Shrewsbury School for an evening of song and instrumental music , in affectionate tribute to the School's most notable former pupil.

Admission is FREE with a retiring collection.

Tickets may be reserved

This concert is part of the 2020 Darwin Shrewsbury Festival -

Wed 26th Feb Ash Wednesday

Thu Mar 5th, 

Thu Mar 12th,

Thu Mar 19th,

Thu Mar 26th

Lent Talks: “Father, Son & Holy Ghost” 

(Further information from John Clark - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Thu Mar 26th

Moishe’s Bagel – 7.30pm.    

SMT Tickets £15 –

Thu Apr 9th Maundy Thursday
Fri Apr 10th Good Friday
Sun Apr 12th Easter Sunday
Sun Apr 26th Shropshire Chamber Orchestra Concert – 3.30pm

Sun May 10th

A cappella Concert - 3pm

Friends of Conakry Refugee School (Guinea)

International Polish Choir and The Mere Singers

Fri May 22nd

The New Manchester School: Comedy, Tragedy & Squeaky-Door Music

SMT Tickets £14 –

June  Summer Fair (date to be confirmed)
Sat Jun 27th

Shrewsbury Choral Society - Summer Concert

Fri Jul 24 /

Sat Jul 25 

The Big Art Show (tbc)
Tue Oct 13th

‘The Fiddle’ – 2.15pm

A talk by Natalie Cumming with Zoe Beyers on the violin

Sun Oct 11th

The Shrewsbury Drapers’ Concert – 12 noon

Sun Oct 18th 

Piano Recital by Daniel Lebhart – 2.30pm

Sat Dec 12th

Cantata Choir Christmas Concert- 7.30pm



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